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I was very happy with how JP handled the whole process. He gave sound advice on gold and cost. They made it easy for a first-time investor to understand the process and make the purchase. It was a smooth and easy process. I highly recommend this Huntington Alternative Wealth.


A Gold IRA is an IRS-approved retirement account that functions in the same way as any regular IRA. By investing a portion of your retirement in a Gold IRA, you will diversify your portfolio on a tax-deferred basis and maintain preferential tax treatment.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we’ve put thousands of people on the path toward retirement readiness, and no matter what your goals may be, our goal remains the same: to help you diversify and retire smarter and more comfortably.

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What is a GOLD IRA
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How it Works?

Get more out of your IRA.

With a self-directed IRA from Huntington Alternative Wealth, you can invest your retirement dollars in alternative assets.

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Congratulations, you’re about to add some spice to your pie chart — diversifying your portfolio, protecting yourself from stock market volatility, and enjoying the freedom to invest in what you know.

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Huntington Alternative Wealth was founded with the belief that retirement is changing. We believe that people should not be limited in their investment options as they work towards the retirement they envision for themselves. We’re here to make it safe, simple, and fast for people to take control of their retirement savings.

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The statements made on this website are opinions and past performance is no indication of future performance or returns. Precious metals, like all investments, carry risk. Gold, silver and platinum coins and bars may appreciate, depreciate or stay the same depending on a variety of factors. Huntington Alternative Wealth cannot guarantee, and makes no representation that any metals purchased will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make customers a profit. The decision to purchase or sell precious metals, and which precious metals to purchase or sell are the customer’s decision alone, and purchases and sales should be made subject to the customer’s own research, prudence and judgment. Huntington Alternative Wealth does not provide investment, legal, retirement planning, or tax advice. Individuals should consult with their investment, legal or tax professionals for such services.