image Jennifer Lawrence

I was treated with professionalism and was provided the best options, I had opportunities to change my decisions if I so desired. Great work Donald!

image Thomas johmoryi

great job educating me in regards to the physical metals market. I am looking forward to working with him again. Great Job Kevin!

image Donald rivrraery

JP was very knowledgeable, very helpful and made me feel at ease. Very good experience.

image Angelette Chaloux

They make it easy to understand. Excellent Customer Service.

image Marcia E. Kelly

Easy and efficient; Huntington Alternative Wealth. Contact Michael, knowledgeable and great to work with, he walked me through completing the online agreements step by step.

image Erin Arevalo

Huntington Alternative Wealth has an amazing team of knowledgeable and professional people. All of their help is appreciated. Richard made things simple. I most definitely will refer your company to other interested people. Thank you.

image Charles Hall

The whole process was relatively effortless. Once we got our money transferred it was smooth and painless.

image Michael Anderson

We have had stellar service with Robert at Huntington and have set up several accounts with no issues.

image Robert Petrescu

Brokers are great to work with, the entire staff was a pleasure. prompt and excellent service.

image Mckenzie Wood

My purchasing experience was better than 5 Stars, probably closer to a 10! My consultant walked me through the various plans and answered all of my questions. He has earned my trust from this order and more to come!

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