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"Get the Ultimate Precious Metals Investor kit FREE!"

    More than precious metals and wealth preservation, Integrity & Commitment is our business!

    At Huntington Alternative Wealth, we are here to help educate you as an investor and inform you of the best ways to protect your retirement through strategic diversification in precious metals and gold. Call and speak to one of our gold investment experts now to ensure a healthy, diverse, and stress-free retirement portfolio.
    We invest in people. We are most interested in the security of your investment – we promise high levels of communication, built upon trust, supported by acting with integrity. Our success is shared with client success.
    The best clients are informed clients. We provide a high-level of investment education, knowledge, and historical data to best support individual diversification plans.
    Every client receives a one-on-one free consultation about how precious metals can diversify their retirement.

    Having more than 15 years of experience

    Our primary goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive information so that you can make an educated and informed decision about your retirement options. Huntington Alternative Wealth provides a safe, simple and educated approach to investing in Precious Metals. Call and Schedule an appointment today with a gold specialist and take the first step to securing your financial freedom and future.
    401(k), IRA or other retirement account into a Gold IRA.
    Easy online application & approval
    Free Consultation with a Dedicated Gold IRA specialist.

    Reading the story
    behind our success

    Huntington Alternative Wealth has become a leading supplier of physical precious metals in the United States. Our dynamic team of former wealth managers, financial advisors, and commodity brokers help customers diversify their portfolios and help take their first step in gaining financial freedom through physical gold and silver.

    What Clients Say

    I always work with Huntington Alternative Wealth. Chris and the other guys really treat me like one of their own. Thanks, guys!

    Robert Whittaker

    Richard and the folks at Huntington Alternative Wealth were very educational. I called a few other gold companies and was put off by aggressive salespeople. The team here was really helpful and didn’t rush me into doing business.

    Joan Mcallister

    Thank you to Richard for being so helpful!

    Michelle Carter

    Huntington Alternative Wealth took me step by step through the process and explained everything in detail before I made my decision to move forward. Thank you, Brian.

    Allen Broach