Why Gold/Silver Investment is a Smart Decision

Since ancient civilizations, gold and other precious metals have held actual and symbolic value. Gold’s relative scarcity, malleability, durability, and lustrous character have made it a commodity like no other. Similarly, silver has been a vital component in its industrial use and has long been considered both a useful and valuable asset. Here are some of the top reasons why investing in gold and silver is a good decision.

The History

There are many factors that make these precious metals ideal to hold value within our society. The chemical and physical properties of silver and gold alone hold useful to humanity. For millennia, these elements have been used to display status and facilitate trade. Gold and silver’s global economic value, industrial uses, and history make these elements a strong asset.

Price Stability

When compared to other market options, the price of gold and silver is rather steady. Adding precious metal assets can create more stability within a portfolio in times of market downturns. Gold and silver have, and presumably always will have, its value in the market, making it a secure investment choice with a sustainable opportunity for growth.

Protection Against Inflation

Even during times of economic crisis, the value of precious metals fluctuate less. As money loses value due to inflation, gold will continue to outperform the dollar. Patterns show that the price of gold and silver tend to rise during these times of uncertainty when inflation is high. By investing in gold, silver and other precious metals, many investors can use this physical asset to hedge against inflation.

Easy to Buy and Sell

Precious metals are an ideal asset because they are highly liquid. This makes the process of buying and selling gold and silver much easier than traditional stock. Gold and silver are always in demand, so finding a buyer is quick and easy. No need to worry about liquidating your assets in gold; you can get paid immediately or even pledge them with a lender for an immediate loan in times of emergency.

Easily Passed to Next Generation

Another benefit of owning gold or silver is the ease in passing it on from generation to generation. Not only is it simple to do, but it also serves as a valuable, long-lasting gift that can become an important, non-perishable family heirloom.

Huntington Alternative Wealth Can Help!

The qualities of gold and silver make them ideal additions to an investment portfolio. If you are interested in diversifying your portfolio with the purchase of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, consider Huntington Alternative Wealth to guide you through the process. Call us at (424)900-1464 or submit your contact information, and we can discuss what may be right for your needs.